The Question Everybody Wants Answered!

So there’s now less than four weeks until Freshers officially starts and rather than fill this post with tales of woe and the misery of trying to pack your entire life into a single suitcase for the journey to Loughborough and the inevitable fate that you can’t bring absolutely everything… We decided to address a more pressing issue.

Every year Freshers seem to have the same burning question… “Where can I pitch my tent on Campus?”



Well thanks to a few intrepid SCOGUI members a few years ago we are able to provide you with a comprehensive answer to that very question



Now we wouldn’t normally encourage the pitching of tents above ground level – however, sometimes exceptions have to be made. It turns out that the tree in front of Herbert Manzoni is looking to branch out into the camping market.



Fred certainly likes camping… Those of you who are living in the student village area of campus next year will certainly meet Fred whilst those of you who have an unfortunate Royce disposition may well begin to worship the ground upon which he stands. Whatever your feelings towards Fred, he certainly likes a happy camper.



To the best of my knowledge the Student Accommodation Centre are yet to advertise camping as a viable option for student living. SCOGUI disagrees and wants to see it on the list for 2017!



Cope Auditorium plays host to some pretty amazing musical and theatrical performances throughout the year and is also the home of the student run cinema – Flix … Regardless of what’s on you can always rely on SCOGUI when things inside become too tents!
To wrap up I think there is one place that every single one of us can agree would be the best place to pitch a tent on campus. As these final two examples testify – the closer the food source, the better the camping opportunity.



Hopefully that has answered the question for you and has also whet your appetite for arriving in Loughborough in a few weeks’ time. If you have any other questions you’d like answered then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us either through the social media channels or by leaving a comment below. We’ll be more than happy to answer you and who knows… our next blog post may even feature your idea!

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