10 Things you can definitely look forward to as a Fresher!!

So for SCOGUI’s second Blog post of 2017 we have decided to revive a classic from last year and renew our list of the ten things that we think you should definitely be looking forward to when you arrive in Loughborough for Freshers!! If you think we’ve missed anything then remember to get in touch!


Being completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of activities on offer

So we’ve said this before and it’s sure to come up again at some point but one of the things that makes Loughborough so great is its Societies section. There are well over 100 societies here at Loughborough, each offing you the opportunity to take part in a different activity as well as a platform to meet new friends and socialise. On the 1st October you’ll be taken down to the Societies Bazaar where you’ll have the chance to meet them all and make up your mind as to those you’d like to have a go at.


Attaining an overwhelming sense of satisfaction when you accomplish something simple by yourself for the first time.

Some of you might see this one as just being an excuse to use this picture; (well maybe it is but can you really blame me!) but the truth is that, for many of you, University will seem daunting as it is your first prolonged period away from the sanctity of home. You’ll be doing things for yourselves for the first time and you’ll make memories to cherish for a lifetime.


Making friendships that will last for an eternity

University is probably your first real opportunity since year 7 to mingle with people who you will never have met before. You’ll be living with them, cooking with them, eating with them and who knows what else! It’s no surprise then that you can be assured to make a whole new friendship group – many of whom you’ll keep in touch with for the rest of your life.


SCOGUI’s Policy of needing very little excuse for a Campfire

Who really needs an excuse to sit around a campfire with friends and watch the stars just drift overhead. SCOGUI definitely doesn’t!! … if there’s one thing that SCOGUI will guarantee this year it’s that there will be ample opportunity to enjoy a good campfire.


Freebies and Student Incentives

Those of you who have read our last blog post will know of a few of the freebies that are on offer to you but you’ll undoubtedly find a whole host of other things during your time as a Fresher. Whether it be student discounts, free nights out or whatever else you might be able to find then you should embrace it and certainly look forward to finding something new around the corner

(you can find our ‘Freebies’ blog post here: http://scogui.org.uk/2016/09/freebies )


The Midlands

Now this may well have been one of the things that attracted you to Loughborough in the first place but it is certainly in an amazing spot geographically. You’re only a few hours from central London on the train and for those of you who are more into the great outdoors it is only a short hop to the Peak District for some exploring. Loughborough doesn’t really get any horrendous weather and you can definitely look forward to a whole host of ‘slightly overcast’ symbols on the weather map.


The seemingly endless number of ways there are to cook a potato.

This is probably more relevant to those of you in catered halls but you would be amazed at the number of different ways that Imago (the student catering company) have found to feed you potatoes! Whether they come chipped, mashed or croquets (and not to forget the approximately 20 other varieties) you can be certain that you’ll have no shortage of potatoes during your stay at Loughborough.


Discovering a new part of Campus to explore in the summer term when you think you’ve found everywhere already

Now this is something not just to look forward to during your first year. I can guarantee that third and fourth year students are still getting this feeling when they venture to previously unexplored areas on campus. Burleigh Woods, the Garden of Remembrance and the rooftop area of the electrical engineering building are all there to be found when you get the chance.


Establishing yourself in your new home.

There is no getting away from the fact that Loughborough is going to become your new home for at least the next three years and that is something to relish as you prepare to fly the nest. You will find your favourite places to go on a Friday evening, make your own mark on your accommodation and find your favourite snack for a midnight feast. For some of your this will take seconds – others maybe a little longer – but however long it takes you remember to enjoy the experience and make the most of this once in a life time opportunity.


Joining SCOGUI!!

Need I Say More!… SCOGUI as a society prides itself on being up for trying everything and will give you an experience like no other. There’s no real way we can describe it without a distinct over-use of superlatives but we cannot stress enough how much you will get out of it. If you’re in any doubt, come along and find us at the Freshers’ Bazaar where we’ll feed you and give you all the information you need.


As ever if you have any questions about SCOGUI, societies or university life in general then please do not hesitate to get in touch either via the comment feature below or through any of our social media channels and we will do our best to reply and get you an answer.

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