So even the most discerning and highbrow students cannot resist a good freebie and neither can SCOGUI – that’s why we’ve put together a list of the useful freebies that we’ve come across in our time at university.

Check out the below and if you think we’ve missed anything then feel free to comment or let us know on social media so that we can make this resource even more useful!!


Microsoft Office 2016

 Why pay a fortune for Microsoft Office when it is available to you for free!!

Loughborough University is providing Microsoft Office to every student free of charge. This means the latest version of the full Office productivity suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more available for offline and online use to best prepare you for class. As long as you’re a student here and the program continues, you’ll be able to use this software for free. Install on up to 5 compatible PCs and Macs, plus 5 tablets (including iPad!). Click on the link below to download your free copy.


Access to Student Discounts

 Now that you’re a university student you’ll be able to access even more student discounts than you may have already been aware of at school. UNIDAYS is a brilliant resource for online discounts as well as STUDENT BEANS. Both are completely free to use and could end up saving you a lot of money if you use them wisely!


Student Rail Card

 Now we’re not in the market for finances… but Santander’s student bank account is offering you a free 16-25 student rails card for 4 years. Saving a third on rail fares it is something that very few students will want to do without!!

There’s a few terms and conditions to this one so don’t just rush in, take your time to read them… but if you’re in the market for a student bank account then it is certainly something to think about!!



 Now this subject is right up SCOGUI’s street and I’m sure will be music to your ears as well. Any large event on campus appears to come with a plethora of free food opportunities. Last year’s Sports’ and Societies’ Bazaars saw Dominoes out in full force to give away both slices of Pizza and vouchers to claim even more at their store.

That’s yet another reason not to miss out!!


Freshers’ Packs

Loughborough Students’ Union has been awarded the best student experience in 2016 by both the  Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey and Whatuni (who also awarded Loughborough the accolade in 2015)… And what better way to start your experience with a free bag of goodies. As a fresher you’ll be able to collect a Freshers’ pack from the Union building in the first week or so containing all sorts of freebies that are sure to help you on your way in Loughborough. We can’t tell you exactly what’s going in them this year (You’ll just have to wait and see) but you can be sure they’ll contain everything from maps, leaflets and calendars to pens, highlighters and maybe even a few more surprises to help you on your way.

Most halls will also have a few surprises lined up for you as well!!



 One massive freebie that is available to Loughborough students – and many don’t even realise it – is a vast network of support services that are there to help you out in this new era of your life. Whether it be help finding accommodation for next year, help understanding a housing contract, counselling, finance advice or indeed advice on just about anything then it’s all available for you for free from the Student Services team at Loughborough.

This is something that outside of university you may have to pay an absolute fortune for so remember that if you ever need anything then this resource is there for you.


Freshers’ Bazaar

 The two Freshers’ Bazaars (societies and sports) are both a magnet for the learned freebie gatherer. As well as finding out about the hundreds of student activities that are open to you at Loughborough you’ll be able to gather more free pens, keyrings, magnets and who knows what else than you’ll be able to carry without a bag – but there are usually some of those going free as well!!

SCOGUI is really looking forward to seeing you at the Freshers’ Societies Bazaar – and if you come and visit us outside then you might even get your hands on a free Smore!!

The Question Everybody Wants Answered!

So there’s now less than four weeks until Freshers officially starts and rather than fill this post with tales of woe and the misery of trying to pack your entire life into a single suitcase for the journey to Loughborough and the inevitable fate that you can’t bring absolutely everything… We decided to address a more pressing issue.

Every year Freshers seem to have the same burning question… “Where can I pitch my tent on Campus?”



Well thanks to a few intrepid SCOGUI members a few years ago we are able to provide you with a comprehensive answer to that very question



Now we wouldn’t normally encourage the pitching of tents above ground level – however, sometimes exceptions have to be made. It turns out that the tree in front of Herbert Manzoni is looking to branch out into the camping market.



Fred certainly likes camping… Those of you who are living in the student village area of campus next year will certainly meet Fred whilst those of you who have an unfortunate Royce disposition may well begin to worship the ground upon which he stands. Whatever your feelings towards Fred, he certainly likes a happy camper.



To the best of my knowledge the Student Accommodation Centre are yet to advertise camping as a viable option for student living. SCOGUI disagrees and wants to see it on the list for 2017!



Cope Auditorium plays host to some pretty amazing musical and theatrical performances throughout the year and is also the home of the student run cinema – Flix … Regardless of what’s on you can always rely on SCOGUI when things inside become too tents!
To wrap up I think there is one place that every single one of us can agree would be the best place to pitch a tent on campus. As these final two examples testify – the closer the food source, the better the camping opportunity.



Hopefully that has answered the question for you and has also whet your appetite for arriving in Loughborough in a few weeks’ time. If you have any other questions you’d like answered then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us either through the social media channels or by leaving a comment below. We’ll be more than happy to answer you and who knows… our next blog post may even feature your idea!

Make sure you check out our other posts by clicking onto the blog above!!

What Next!!

So you’ve got into Loughborough!!… First of all, you deserve a massive congratulation as you have clearly excelled in you’re a-levels – but it’s now time for a new era.

You’ve got your email from UCAS and hopefully your accommodation is all sorted for you to move in at the end of September – so we thought we’d use this Blog post to give you some answers to the few hundred other questions you probably have.


“What Happens when I move in?”

The Student accommodation centre will have given you an arrival time – this ensures that everybody doesn’t turn up at the same time and turn Loughborough’s roads into a car park.
When you arrive you’ll be met by an army of Freshers’ Helpers from your hall who are there to make your experience as easy as possible. You don’t have to worry about unloading those heavy bags as they’ll help you find your room and carry things to it.

Upon arrival at your room you’ll have time to unpack, make yourself at home and say those goodbyes to your parents before meeting all of your new flatmates who you’ll be spending the next year with at least.

Everyone will be in the same situation so you’ll make friends more quickly than at any other time of your life and the most important thing to remember is that you will only get this experience once… So make the most of it!


“What should I do during Freshers if I don’t like to drink?”

Loughborough strives to put on activities that everyone will enjoy and you shouldn’t feel pressured into drinking if you don’t want to. Every hall will provide alternative freshers activities and the students union also put on alternative events throughout Freshers’ week to ensure you don’t feel out of place. We can hall hope for the return of Raveminton (badminton with a difference) or the roller disco – but you’ll have to wait and see what the Union revel as this year’s activities.

If those don’t float your boat, then the university’s plethora of societies will also be hosting a bounty of activities for you to come and try during your first few weeks so you’ll have plenty to choose from!


“What if I need to see a doctor?”

Loughborough University has its own medical centre on campus where you are able to register under the NHS. You will need to register with them as you would with any GP but they will be on hand to assist you should Freshers’ Flu get the better of you. Its best to register before you arrive to save the rush on move in day – the link to their form can be found here:


And Lastly… But most importantly “How do I join SCOGUI?”

You’ll have to opportunity to join SCOGUI and any other society through the student union website as soon as the system goes live again for this year. Each and every society will be running taster events for you to go along and try them out with absolutely no obligation. Check out our previous blog post for information about the Societies Bazaar where you’ll be able to see all of the exciting opportunities available to you.

Once again, If you have any questions about student life, courses, halls, or anything about Loughborough, post a comment or get in touch on our Facebook page, or Twitter feed, there will be someone to give you an answer, as we’ve all been through this before!