Loughborough Students’ Scout & Guide Club

Loughborough Students’ Scout and Guide Club, more commonly know as SCOGUI, is a 69-year-old Loughborough Students Union (LSU) society who welcome all students from the university, whether you have been a member of either movement or not!

It’s hard to describe exactly what SCOGUI does because we would have a go at almost everything, but in short, we love to have fun, go on adventures and challenge ourselves to try new things. We meet weekly and do a wide variety of activities in an evening, such as Campfires, Climbing, Snow Tubing, Hiking, Movie Nights and various Cooking/Baking, as well as go on camps and days out throughout the year.

We’re also not just for undergrads! If you’re just beginning your postgrad journey at Loughborough, take a look at what one of our previous members has to say about joining SCOGUI.

SCOGUI are part of SSAGO (Student Scout & Guide Organisation (SSAGO)) and through them, we have the opportunity to attend camps and join in other national events such as annual balls and SSAGO Goes to Spoons all over the UK, with other SSAGO groups from other Universities and make new friends!

If you’d like to find out a little bit more about who we are and what we do, take a look around our site to find out. Also check out our social media pages (Facebook , Twitter , Instagram, or YouTube channel) to see what we’re up to right now! Please be aware that some of the links on this site may take you to our LSU site.

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