SCOGUI Freshers’ Blog 2018!!

So it’s that time of year again when thousands of students across the country have just finished that whirlwind of emotions that culminates with a notorious envelope on a Thursday morning to finally see if those toilsome hours of revision have paid off.

Well if you’re looking at this page then we certainly hope they have paid off as you either are joining – or are certainly hoping to join the Loughborough family of students!  – Obviously the best community of students and there is certainly no bias here!

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When sitting down to write a blog post it is always hard to choose what to talk about for the first one however there is certainly one thing that I can tell you that will hold true wherever your results may take you and that is to get involved in as much as possible! Hear at Loughborough there are well over 100 societies ranging from Gliding to Disney to suit any interest that you may have… and of course there is always SCOGUI!

Societies are a great way to meet new people who aren’t necessarily in your hall or on your course but share a common interest with you and enjoy doing similar things. Run by student committees, each society will make you feel like you have a home away from home – however far away that may be!

Here at Loughborough you’ll be introduced to all of these societies at the Freshers’ Bazaar on the 30th  September where you’ll be inundated with information, leaflets and invited to the plethora of “give-it-a-go” activities that societies will be running to welcome in prospective members and give you a chance to try things out before joining. You’ll also have the chance to fulfil every student’s purpose in life and get hold of a mountain of freebies before term starts to stock up your supply of biros for the coming year! (If you come and see SCOGUI then we’ll have smores on offer!!!)

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Hopefully that has started to whet your appetite for coming to university and you’re not too anxious about next week.

If you’re keen then you’ll be able to find the remains of last year’s SCOGUI blog in these pages which contains lots of useful tips and advice for what the coming weeks may bring and will also give you a taste of things to come as SCOGUI’s fresher’s blog continues over the coming weeks.

To finish off SCOGUI would like to wish everyone the Congratulations on their results and if you want to know more about SCOGUI, then browse through the rest of the website. If you have any questions about student life, courses, halls, or anything about Loughborough, post a comment or get in touch on our Facebook page, or Twitter feed, there will be someone to give you an answer, as we’ve all been through this before!


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