How to make your new room feel yours

So you may be moving in very soon and then you really will be part of the Loughborough Family! Are you excited? I definitely was but also a bit nervous, which is understandable. I was moving into halls (Telford!!) but I knew I’d be faced with a blank room that didn’t feel mine. Luckily it didn’t take me long to make it feel like home.

So how do you make it feel a little more like home (and less plain and boring)? Here’s some ideas!

Bed Sheets

Bed sheets instantly make you feel like your home. You’ve probably already got these to liven up the room. Patterned bedding can really help to liven your new room up. As you’ll spend a lot of time in this room over the next year, your bed will also double as seating, so extra pillows can really help there and it’ll make the room feel more homely. Although too comfy and you take the risk of never wanting to leave bed…

This was my room in Telford back in 2017…

Fairy lights

Fairy Lights are the best. Fairy lights are not just for Christmas but for life. Many halls have harsh lighting so adding your own soft lighting makes a world of difference. Plus it makes it super cosy. Most halls do allow them now but double-check to make sure. I had mine around my pin/whiteboard.

Posters and Photos

As you can see above, I went a bit crazy with the photos… But they can make a massive difference to your room. They can cover vast amounts of bare walls, and make a statement about who you are, perfect! The Union does tend to have a poster sale during freshers if you want some – and they’re usually quite cheap. Photos can be reminders of home or memories of your first year at uni that you can get developed quite cheaply nowadays. Don’t forget to print photos as you go so you have all your new lovely friends and memories on show. Top Tip – Washi Tape not blue tack if you don’t have a pinboard, so you don’t ruin the walls!

Books and DVDs

Now in the age of Kindles and Netflix, you may not have any, but it always worth having a few favourite movies on a shelf for movie nights with your flatmates, or a good couple of books for any sleepless (non-uni work filled) nights. You never know you may find you have interests in common with your flatmates through your movie and book choices! I bought my Harry Potter Box Set which was a bit hit!


In my eyes plants are a must have. They brighten up your room and makes your room more at one with nature. Dont forget to water them though and make sure they get enough light! The Union has a plant sale every year, which I have been too far too many times and now have 12 plants to look after/find the space for… I’m a bit of a plant mum now…

Here is Boo Boo one of our mascots masked up amoung a few of my current plants

You may have other things that help your room feel more homey, but I hope these can be a starting point when you’re faced with a room that’s a blank canvas to make your own. We are all different though so as long as your room feels yours that’s all that matters.

By Roanna Holmes, Chair 2020-21

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