Not just for Undergrads!

This was written by one of our postgraduate members who was new to SCOGUI in 2016 has taken some time to write about her experience. This could be you right now!

Coming to Loughborough was a big change for me as a fresh, but maybe not so new, postgrad student. I’ve never lived, nor really visited the midlands before and this seemed a much quieter place than the city I’d been in the past four years; joining SCOGUI was just what I needed to feel more at home. These slightly loud and out there people were just like me, fun, friendly and understanding of the shy and quiet, but still adventurous and what some people may call crazy. SCOGUI showed me how much more there was to Loughborough than just the town and campus. There are trips to the Space Centre in Leicester, castles in Nottingham, walks up Beacon Hill, campfires, countless kilos of marshmallows and biscuits, silly games, fun badges, crafts, camps (inside and outside), volunteering opportunities, etc.

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Moving can be hard, especially as a postgraduate student. You’re essentially thrown, on your own, into something very new and different. Some people thrive with this, others not so much. It’s an adjustment process that joining societies, especially such inclusive and friendly ones, can really help with. They allow you to meet like-minded people and potential life-long friends even as a postgraduate student. Age is but a number you assign yourself.

As ever, if you have any questions about student life, courses, halls, or anything about Loughborough, post a comment or get in touch on our Facebook page, or Twitter feed, there will be someone to give you an answer, as we’ve all been through this before!

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