Refreshers 2022

Semester 1 is coming to an end. With coursework deadlines and exams looming, the start back to lectures after the Christmas break can be quite daunting and overwhelming. Fear not though, we will be taking part in an event that will be something to look forward to for sure!

Refreshers 2022, the clue is in the name, is a period at the start of Semester 2, designed to be exactly like a second Freshers Week for you to have fun after the stress of deadlines and exams! LSU Societies will be running another activities bazaar where you have another chance to explore what other opportunities are out there in terms of clubs to join. Come visit us again for some S’Mores and we can welcome you with open arms into the SCOGUI Community, if what we do sounds exactly like your cup of tea!

Refreshers across the whole the LSU is from the 2nd to the 9th of February. Our activities bazaar, which is due to take place in a similar format to the Fresher’s one, will be on Sunday the 6th of February.

For the two weeks (until the 23rd of February) following Refreshers Bazaar, many societies will also be running “Give It A Go” activities, SCOGUI of course included! These activities are really cool, because they give you another chance to try out the society and see whether you think it is your kind of community feeling, all without having to commit to paying membership until the two week period is up. This programmes essentially allows you to come along to two of our Tuesday Evenings, where we could be doing anything from arts and crafts to team challenges to eating more S’Mores of course!

We understand how hard it is to see all of the opportunities available to you in Freshers, as the experience can be very daunting, but just know that SCOGUI will be at Refreshers and we cannot wait to meet you, Scouts and Guides or adventure enthusiasts just up for some fun times with a great group of people, we would love to welcome you into the SCOGUI community this February!

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