Freshers’ Blog is Back!

Calling all freshers of 2023/24 academic year!

We have our fingers crossed for all of you anxiously awaiting A-level results. We hope that you are awarded the grades that you deserve and that you will get your place at Loughborough.

At this point to help prepare for university, you must be thinking about where you want to live. But we think it is just as important to have a look at the clubs and societies list to find out what you would like to have a go at. Making the jump from sixth form/college to university may seem daunting, but we are here to give you the opportunity to meet new people and try out new things.

When sitting down to write this blog post it is always hard to choose what to talk about for the first post. However there is certainly one thing that I can tell you, which will hold true wherever your results may take you, to get involved in as much as possible!! Hear at Loughborough there are about 100 societies available ranging from Gliding to Video Game society to suit any interest that you may have… and of course there is always SCOGUI!

Here at SCOGUI (that is our acronym for the Loughborough Scouts and Guides Club), we meet every week, typically on a Tuesday evening, to do all sorts of activities. The last academic year had been very different to say the least, however we have still managed to do a wide range of activities virtually… everything from Knots to Egg-Painting to Yoga, along with quite a few rounds of Scattergories. We would love for you to join us, whether you are a longstanding Scout or Guide, or have never even encountered the community thus far. Wherever you come from, if you are excited to join us, then we want you right here with us.

We always love to welcome new members and are hoping for this year that camping and in-person rallies will be permitted to start back. Therefore, things would be able to feel a bit normal again and we will be able to roast marshmallows over an open fire, hike in the hills or just sit around a campfire and enjoy each other’s company. So, if this all sounds like it is of interest to you, we will be running Freshers events at the start of the term for you to try SCOGUI out. Information regarding what exactly these will entail will follow closer to the time. Please do come along as we love to meet new people.

If you have any questions about student life, courses, halls, or anything about Loughborough, post a comment or get in touch on our Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Instagram. Or alternatively you can email – there will be someone to give you an answer, as we’ve all been through this before!

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