Things not to bring to camp

Things not to bring to camp

As part of our freshers’ events, we are planning on going camping for a weekend with any new members of SCOGUI and you all are welcome. This will be great event, one where you can relax, be within nature, make memories and get to know others. Plus, what other society will give you an opportunity to have a great camping experience. Hence, this is why we thought ‘Things not to bring to camp’ would be a fun title for a blog…


Your full shower routine

· Let’s face it, most camps are only a couple of nights. You would rather spend time playing games and meeting others, than having a shower which will probably be cold. Towels are helpful but maybe avoid the coconut moisturising shampoo and matching conditioner.

· Instead bring just the essentials. For example, dry shampoo, face wipes and deodorant… these will be your best friends on camp.

Your entire wardrobe

· If your camping, you will likely be living out of one bag and a day sack. Unless you are Mary Poppins or Newt Scamander, your clothes won’t all fit in two bags. Also, don’t bring your nicest clothes to camp, dirt does exist, especially when camping.

· Instead, pack light and think about layers. T-shirts and lightweight jumpers are ideal for layering. A comfy hoodie is always a good edition and long pjs are advised for freshers’ camp.


· Freshers is about making new friends and talking to other people in the same situation. Camping is a communal activity plus there is normally no electricity or WIFI.

· Ear plugs can be a good idea though and a good quality torch is essential for those midnight toilet trips or the unexpected collapsing tent.

Ceramic dinner set

· Things can get broken at camp and nobody wants to carefully transport their camping gear.

· Instead, plastic bowls, plates and mugs are perfectly acceptable. Save the space of bubble wrap and pack the waterproof coat instead.

Snacks to sink the titanic

· At SCOGUI camp, there is never a shortage of food.

· If you wanted pack a few cereal bars for those late-night snacks, everything else we’ll have handled.

Your favourite shoes

· High heels, Ugg boots and flip flops wouldn’t be my first choice of shoes for camping. It’s bound to be muddy and probably wet, so suitable shoes are a must.

· Walking boots or trainers are always a good idea and will easily clean after.

Charlie the library cat

· Its obvious really, cats hate water and it’s bound to rain as will be camping in England with the ‘Great British Weather’ – anything can happen! Be prepared!

The best camping gear

· Often you don’t need to spend loads of money on good camping gear.

· If you are going to spend money on kit, a sleeping bag is a good place to start. Many things such as roll mats and torches can be borrowed from our quarter master out of his endless number of supplies in the container.


As ever if you have any questions over your time as a fresher here at Loughborough then feel free to get in touch and we will always do our best to get you an answer. We don’t mind if you’re asking about university life in general courses and of course all things SCOGUI!!!

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