So you may have been in SCOGUI in the past?
You want to get back in touch?
You have heard about an event called Annual Dinner?

Well you are in the right place!

We have several ways that you can get back in touch with people from SCOGUI, so just pick your method, and off you go!

Facebook Group
The easiest way to keep in contact these days seems to be Facebook, so there is one available to all SCOGUI ‘Old Gits’ (an affectionate term) and that can be found here. There are events that get the group organise for themselves throughout the year, so it’s worth checking. Please note: this group is not administered by the incumbent SCOGUI committee.

Scogui Bear also has a Facebook page the old gits like to bear-friend.

Annual Dinner
Each year we hold a fancy dinner, somewhere in the vicinity of Loughborough, so that SCOGUI old and new can meet. To find out more information about this send your name, the year you graduated SCOGUI, and a contact email address to our Annual Dinner Email.

SAGGA East Midlands
Loughborough now have a local Scout and Guide Graduate Association (SAGGA) group if you would like to get involved, though they are just starting out. Information regarding this can be found on their Facebook group or through the SAGGA website.

I think that is about it, though if you have any questions please send them to our Publicity Officer and they can help you out!