Our club mascot is known as Scogui Bear. He was created by Elizabeth Neat for the 1982 Summer Rally (June 24th-26th) and was the clubs first official mascot. Members take it in turns to look after Scogui Bear, though he does like to go on his own adventures (usually to former member’s weddings!).

Mascots are a traditional feature of all university Scout and Guide clubs; see the Student Scout and Guide Organisation (SSAGO) website for more! When SSAGO Clubs attend a Rally they often bring their mascots along, but there is a history of club mascots being stolen. The only way for a club mascot to be returned is for the club concerned to perform a forfeit of some sort. Scogui bear is too precious (and old!) to be stolen, so we have Boo Boo Bear as our stealable mascot at rallies.

The picture shows (left to right) Boo Boo Bear, Scogui Bear and Edward Bear. Edward Bear started life in Scogui in 1969 and was an unofficial mascot through the sixties and seventies, and now resides with some former members for his retirement.

Three teddy bears wearing clothes, the left-most two are wearing red/white border SCOGUI neckers.

SCOGUI Bear also has his own Facebook page!