What do we do?

It’s hard to describe exactly what SCOGUI does, but in short we love to have fun, go on adventures and challenge ourselves to try new things. The best way of knowing what we do is by checking out our various social media pages  Facebook , Twitter , Instagram, or YouTube channel and/or emailing our Publicity Officer .

If you want to join SCOGUI then you’ll need to head over to our LSU site and purchase membership, which will give you access to all of the following:

  • Weekly meetings/activities on Tuesday evenings
  • Four camping trips per year (October, May, June and August)
  • Three SSAGO camps per year (SSAGO is the Student Scout and Guide Organisation)
  • Any other national SSAGO events, such as the SSAGO annual ball
  • Plus various other socials and days out throughout the year! (Club Members have even been known to organise their own unofficial ones!)

During freshers and refreshers, is the perfect time to join us, as we’ll be at the Society Bazaar’s so you can come down and have a chat with our members. If you can’t make the bazaar or would like more information about joining at other times throughout the year, please email our Publicity Officer or message us on Facebook or Instagram.

SCOGUI also has a mascot….


Many SCOGUI members also choose to hold roles within the local community as leaders in the Scouting Association and Girl Guiding UK. As well as lending a hand at annual Scout and Guide events, and organising a Scout and Guide Night Hike for Loughborough District annually. If you’re looking to complete and achieve SCOGUI Guiding/Scouting ventures such as DofE or Kings’s Scout/Guide awards, we can support you through these with our connections within the local Scout district and Girl Guiding division.

If you would like to find out more or are interested in taking part in Scouting or/and Guiding within Loughborough community, please contact our Liaisons Officer.

A group gathered in a horseshoe shape. A person on the left is holding the SCOGUI flag on a flagpole.